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Wine tasting 

March 9, 2024 

Wine tasting with Estate Theopetra 

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Wine tasting 

31.3. 2023 Wine tasting with Vriniotis Winery 

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Blind wine tasting 

blind wine tasting

Who is the winner?

The winners for Akriotou Estate wine 

Akriotou estate.jpg

Enjoy the Xinomavro Day 

1.11.22 is International Xinomavro day! Don't miss it

International xinomavro day .jpg

Wine tasting 

23.02.2024 at 21:00

Wine tasting with Lykos Winery 

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Wine tasting 

17.3.2023 Wine tasting Dougos estate 

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Meet Akriotou micro winery 

11.11.22 it time to meet the Microwinery Akriotou

microestate Akriotou.jpg

meet Zacharias Winery 

10.12.22, 15:23 at wine o'clock

Zacharias Winery.jpg
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