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Passion for quality

Starting with the love for the Greek wine, the respect for the people who cultivate and they care of it, as well as our admiration for the products they produce, we started dreaming of a place where all these could be found together and travel quickly and safely around the world. Thus, the idea of Wine O’ Clock was born, a common meeting point of all the above, where visitors will have the opportunity to get a real taste of the magic found in the rich Greek land and the Mediterranean culture. And there is no place we could imagine other than Acropolis! Located at the one of the most picturesque neighborhoods in Athens, only a few meters away from the dazzling Acropolis Museum, Wine O’ Clock stands between the galleries and the artistic creations, offers you not only a sight that delights the eyes in front of the artistic aesthetics, but also the most well-chosen wines that honor the domestic vineyards, with well-known labels, but also labels from small producers, who are worth getting to know. At Wine O' Clock there is never complacency. There is only the continuous process of new discoveries, which will be shared with you, through a glass of wine, while at the same time, since it functions as a wine cellar, you can get whatever label you love from the first sip.

Meet Dimos


At the wheel of Wine O'clock you will find Dimos Vassiliadis with a Master's Degree in TOURISM PLANNING, MANAGMENT & POLICY. An established professional with many years of experience in the tourism and catering industry, who for over a decade has been inspired by his passion for wine. For three years he was a lecturer at the IEK DELTA WINE SEIMINAR & SOMMELIER COURSE. As a member of the Panhellenic Association of Sommelier with studies in WSPC he also acts as a consult expert in many catering businesses. He is always willing to accompany you on your wine journeys within and beyond the borders.

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